Sunday, August 15, 2010

Revenge of the Minutes, Wichita, KS

Disclaimer: there is quite a bit of raunchy language in this post so if you have a problem with it, blow me...

From another blog posting:

"When I worked at Old Chicago bartending I used to grab drinks with Matt, Cris, and Regina often, especially after a lunch shift. This is how I came to know "the minutes." For some reason Cris or Regina used to keep a log of the day's activities. Activities being what was happening and what we discussed while we drank. It could be quite humorous to go back another day and read what was written from a day/night out drinking."

Now that we're reacquainted with the minutes, here's what Kim and I took while in Wichita to see Dave Matthews:

Wich-i-titty trip to DMB 8-14-2010

2:59 - 224 non-smoking room? Oops 324 is our room! Elevator exit, aroma of reefer!
3:00 - Lotion smells like butt
3:50 - "You make me want to smoke!"
4:10 - Conversation:
D: Come to Vegas with me!
K: I have my baby's birthday, I can't.
D: Fuck her!
4:20 - Schleeves
4:32 - Kim has Downs head
4:36 - Kim is a MIULF - mom I used to like to fuck
4:46 - Kim's gash gets around according to Satan aka McConnell
5:04 - Kim spends her money on BBB - bills, beer, and baby
5:05 - In reference to a certain gash: dead carp and stinky cheese
5:21 - Is everyone white in Kansas?
5:21 - Animal hair. David's saxophone move
5:30 - David sniffs me, I said it's not me, it's that guy - David - it smells like burnt wolf
5:36 - We're kind of a big deal
5:45 - The real Housewives of Wichititty

Sorry kids, this is all we could muster on our little Holiday Inn notepad. I'd like to say that we got tired of taking the minutes but I think the Fat Tire beers finally caught up to us!

More adventures in Wichita to follow.

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