Monday, August 16, 2010

Wichita Trip

Hanging out with Kim is always an adventure. Through the years we've been known to sleep in cars off the Turnpike, throw up on people in bars, get totally shit canned at work in front of our employees, and suffer through many pericardial thumps and kidney punches. Road trips are epic. I got Kim tickets to Dave Matthews Band in May for her birthday and she was kind enough to give me the extra ticket to the show on Saturday night.

We set out around noon for Wichita, Kansas on Saturday and survived Kim's driving on I-35. It's no exaggeration when I say she can reach speeds up to 100 miles an hour. Obviously we made good time but I aged a few years on the drive up and back. I got a room at a pretty decent Holiday Inn near downtown and only a few blocks from the INTRUST Bank Arena where Dave would be playing. After a grueling walk downtown in 100 degree weather we stopped off at Club Rain for some eats and drinks before the show.

Downtown Wichita.

I enjoy Dave Matthews but I'm what you would call a casual fan. I know some of his hits but I'm not versed in all his songs and albums to the extent Kim is. She's a crazy roadie fan who has followed Dave to 21 different concerts. You know the people that throw their panties on the stage at a singer? That's Kim when it comes to Dave Matthews. This concert for me was a bit of a disappointment, they pretty much just play whatever songs they want and it always changes from location to location. In Wichita I only was familiar with a couple of songs. Naturally Kim knew everything that was being played. I just hoped for some more of the "hits."

Kim and I all dolled up for the show!

Our view of the stage from the cheap seats.

Since our tickets were literally at the top of the arena, we decided to try to find better empty or unused seats closer to the stage about halfway through the concert. We were finally able to find seats at the lower level with a great view of the stage without being run off by an usher. This is where the evening took an interesting turn. For some reason when I'm out and about, usually at clubs, out of town, I have the good fortune of attracting crazy people to me (just ask Dann about the airline attendant in Tulsa). This night would be no exception. The fellow sitting next to me in our newly acquired seats was either extremely drunk or maybe on XTC, not to mention probably the biggest screaming queen in all of Kansas. Apparently his gaydar went off because the guy proceeded to accost me for the remainder of the concert by trying to hold my hand, grab my ass, and kiss me! I really tried to be nice but I finally had to become somewhat aggressive myself and tell the guy that it would not be my preference to get gay bashed in Kansas due to his unseemly behavior. The concert finally ended and Kim and I made our escape back to Club Rain for more drinks and dancing.

Dance, drink, repeat.

Another great trip with my buddy Kimberly. I look forward to our next adventure!

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