Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tattoo Revisited

Well I decided against the "Felicia" tattoo while I was in Vegas. I actually ended up getting "YOUR MOM" on my left shoulder! Just kidding. I found a tattoo parlor downtown and scoped out pricing, around 100 bucks. At the time I was too drunk to have it done, I didn't want to bleed out, though I still believe that's some kind of urban legend. I mean how often do you hear stories about people getting tattoos while drunk? The next couple of days I was sober and I didn't have the balls to get it done, and I didn't want to part with at least 100 dollars.

Perhaps I'll get one in the near future, or I'll continue to talk myself out of it forever. I did have a submission, of sorts for the font. My friend Eric gave me some cool lettering in Chinese that was supposed to mean Felicia but I figured the Asian symbols are out of style these days, along with tribal tattoos.

Someday... Maybe.

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