Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Could It Be, Satan?

From the Jokelahoman:

"An organization claiming to be 'the only legal satanic church in Oklahoma' is hosting an event at the Civic Center Music Hall in October that will include a 'public satanic exorcism.'"

He he. That giant boom sound you're hearing in Oklahoma City is probably the collective echo of Christian heads exploding! Kudos to the Civic Center for not discriminating when they lease space at their facilities.

Personally I think a satanic church is just as crazy as a "grandfather figure in the sky" church. As one reader pointed out in the comments section of the story, "at least they're not Muslim!" Ah that made my day...

So today's question is this: does anyone out there belong to a church similar to this one or know someone who does? If so I would be fascinated to hear what it's like. I'm actually very intersted in various religions and their goofy practices.

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