Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Chef: Concession Stand

I just caught the episode from last week of Top Chef: DC this morning. A bit bland but not a bad episode over all. I think the quality of the show has improved as we near the finale but it still isn't nearly as good as other seasons.

Quick fire challenge: choose a food idiom to inspire a dish. Kind of cool, I guess. After an hour cooking Kevin (bring home the bacon) and Ed (hot potato) are determined to have the best dishes by guest chef Rick Moonen. Kelly (sour grapes) and Amanda (the big cheese) finish in the bottom. Ed wins the challenge and will have his dish featured by Schwan's home delivery service. Interesting. I actually laughed out loud when Padma said this was the quick fire challenge prize.

Elimination challenge: create a fine dining version of ballpark food at National's stadium. The challenge consisted of each member working as a team and presenting six dishes. Ed and Tiffany have the best dishes and Ed wins with his shrimp and corn risotto fritters. Everyone left is judged together and Amanda is sent home due to her yellowfin tuna tartar. For his elimination challenge win, Ed received a copy of Moonen's latest book and a trip to Australia!! Wow. G'day Ed.

Other observations:

Yellow really isn't Ed's color. And if he's going to parade around in a dress he really needs to manscape. I guess he can do what he wants since he won the quick fire and elimination challenge this week.

I love how Kelly continues to dump on Amanda's skills yet she finishes in the bottom of both challenges this week. Classy.

I like that Angelo prays to the chef gods. At least he's not Muslim!

Well there was a big to do about nothing on who would take charge and expedite food at the National's stadium. I think Angelo is right, Kevin needs to chill the fuck out and try to be more positive. I bet he's a lot of fun to work with in a busy kitchen.

I hope the ball players washed their hands before feeding each other. Gay.

Did anyone else have the impression that Angelo has a mail order bride in Russia?

Next on Top Chef: NASA food.

My "Bye Felicia" award this week goes to Amanda. I figured she was hitting the road based on how the episode was presented. Tuna tartar sounds good but I would probably balk at eating it if the color was off. Amanda, bye Felicia!

Next chef out: this is getting tough to call. I'm going to pick Kelly since she really, really gets on my nerves.

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