Sunday, August 08, 2010


I've wanted a tattoo for a very long time but I never can decide what I want permanently etched on my body. A tattoo is forever, or at least until you pay to have it removed! I know I definitely want a Nintendo tattoo eventually but I can't narrow it down between something related to Mario, Zelda, or Metroid.

Putting Nintendo aside, I've decided that my first tattoo will be the name "Felicia," most likely on one of my upper arms. I only know one person named Felicia and the tattoo wouldn't be for her. The name is a catch all used all the time by me and many of my friends. Basically in any given night hanging out with my friends the phrases "Bye Felicia," "Hi Felicia," and "I love you, Felicia" can be heard with great frequency. Since I believe a tattoo should remind you of something fond, what better way to memorialize my closest friends with a word that will remind me of all of them. It sounds insane doesn't it?

There's been some debate on where using the name Felicia for everyone came from. I believe it came from the movie "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" but I just can't remember for certain.

Your mission, intrepid readers, is to help me come up with a design for the name Felicia. The picture above is in a Huxley Vertical font which I kind of like but I really want something original with pizazz and maybe in cursive. I have zero artistic talents so the chances I could design something myself is probably not an option. If anyone is interested in helping me in my tattoo quest, give me a link to a design in the comments section or email me at Just think, you're suggestion or design could be seen on my sexy, though well fed exterior, forever!

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