Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Las Vegas(ness)

Well I'm back to reality today, i.e. work. The worst thing about taking a trip or vacation for me is usually having to come back and go to work.

Some highlights of the trip:

These cremecicle frozen concoctions from a place called The Bayou downtown were "the debil!" We shared two of them, paying a little more for additional alcohol. I got tore up Thursday night (of course some Fat Tire and Newcastle helped me along too). I was so drunk that I don't remember the journey from Four Queens to bed at The Golden Nugget. Thursday night was my only really drunk night in Vegas, man I must be getting old.

Dann and I found some showgirls/hookers but I was unwilling to pony up 40 dollars for an "around the world" so a picture had to do...

Stopped by an oxygen bar, something I would never waste money on sober. I didn't really figure out what the oxygen was supposed to do but the girl running the kiosk was really nice and the massage devise was actually pretty cool.

Awesome tampon exhibit at City Center! We had to take the "tram to nowhere" to find it.

What I thought should be a gay man's "toy" store actually turned out to be a book store. Whatever.

My brother, the master of terrible pictures! Sure he got the sign but the ants below it is me, Dann, and J. In his defense, my camera is a little old. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was actually pretty cool. Not only was the music better than most casinos but my sister-in-law and J. cleaned up playing Black Jack Switch.

Apparently Godzilla got so drunk downtown the night before she slipped out of her heel and left it behind!

Seeing J. again was one of the highlights of the trip! 17 days until the next adventure.

Okay, I'm done boring everyone with pictures. Favorite story time! J. and I went to the upstairs patio bar at the Golden Nugget called Gold Diggers on Friday night. Great environment with a second story out door patio overlooking Fremont Street. What was especially charming about our short time here was the extremely nice girl we met from Denver. She staggered up to the bar to order drinks and apparently felt it was necessary to flash her tits to get service. She got service pretty quick I must say! That's what I love about Vegas, how often do you see that kind of shit in Oklahoma City? Fuckin' Vegas!

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