Thursday, August 05, 2010

Top Chef: Food Around the World

I skipped Top Chef: DC last night since Man v. Food was in Oklahoma City. It was kind of a let down, two of the restaurants that Adam visited I have never heard of! Anyhoo, I was able to catch Top Chef this morning at work online.

Quick fire: Marcus Samuelsson, winner of the last season of Top Chef: Masters is the guest judge this week. The challenge is simple, create a dish inspired by Ethiopian food. I love this challenge and I love the fact that most of the contestants don't know anything about Ethiopian food. Amanda, Angelo, and Tiffany have the top dishes with Tiffany winning.

Elimination challenge: Jose Andres helps judge dishes inspired by countries around the world. The contestants draw knives to determine what order they will pick their countries. They are required to prepare one hundred servings and they will not have access to a kitchen, meaning they will have to prepare everything in advance and serve using sterno to heat in chafing dishes. Kelly, Kevin, and Tiffany are in the top with Tiffany winning again. She also wins a ten thousand dollar bonus! Finally Stephen is sent home having the least successful dish (doing my little happy dance).

Random thoughts on the show:

Little was made of the great pea puree fiasco of last week. Fucking Bravo.

Kevin continues his yo-yo approach to cooking, going back and forth from top to bottom in challenges.

Why was everyone so afraid of being left with Brazilian food? In fact I'm surprised by their lack of knowledge in several types of food. I've eaten Brazilian, Indian, and African food several times, even here in Gooberville.

Could there be a better bottom three than Alex, Stephen, and Ed? Too bad they couldn't all go home!

Of course Angelo knows how to cook Ethiopian food! Is there anything he doesn't know or can't do. I was shocked he was able to cook anything not Asian influenced. Naturally he picked Japan for the elimination challenge.

Next week on Top Chef: restaurant wars!! Finally. Based on the preview (I know that means very little) it could be pretty ugly. Yay!

My "Bye Felicia" award this weeks goes to Stephen. The judges were correct to give him the boot for poorly cooked rice and beef. I love how he added chimichurri to a Brazilian dish too, idiot. Stephen, bye Felicia, you won't be missed.

Next chef out: if we can get rid of Alex I'll be pretty happy with the remaining contestants.


Dann said...

I'm glad Stephen is gone! Alex HAS to be next!!!!

lil desiqua said...

I can't wait for Alex to get kicked. He sucks...and he definitely stole that pea puree!!

I'm also sick of Angelo, but I guess he can cook...meh.

Dave said...

I'm growing weary of Angelo as well but he does have some skills.