Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Desserts: Bake Sale

I'm really, really digging Top Chef: Just Desserts though I hardly had time to pay attention last night as I was getting bombed by text messages throughout the episode hour. 70+ text in an hour! Really people? Here's my thoughts for this week, at least what I can remember:

Quick fire challenge: create a wedding cake in 90 minutes! Ouch. Even though the cakes were already made, I think this would be a tremendous challenge. I have to be honest most of the cakes were kind of butt ugly. Erika won the challenge and immunity heading into the elimination challenge. Personally I liked the look of Zac's cake the best.

Elimination challenge: divide up into teams and create items for a school bake sale. To be honest this is the bulk of the episode I missed until Judge's table. After a bunch of people being thrown under the bus, Heather C. is sent home for making an ordinary peanut butter cookie.

Other observations:

The beginning of the episode showed us Yigit without his shirt on! I think he should be required to go shirtless throughout the rest of the competition...

Malika fails to finish yet another quick fire challenge. She's weak sauce and I'm surprised that she's still there. Maybe next week.

Heather H. dogging on the other wedding cakes was real classy. She gets under my skin.

It's totally Heather C.'s fault that she was eliminated this week despite the pressure from her team members to make some kind of cookie. She could have stood up to the team made what she wanted or she could have added a little pizazz to her lame peanut butter cookie. As soon as I saw the plain presentation of her contribution to the team I knew she was toast.

Doesn't Danielle look like a poor man's version of Katy Perry? I don't mean that as a complement in any way, shape, or form. She was pretty snarly at judge's table but I didn't mind it so much since she was trying to throw psychopath Seth under the bus.

Next chef out: Danielle or Malika.

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