Saturday, October 02, 2010


It's the most wonderful time of year and October is one of my favorite months on the calendar. On tap for this month:

October 2nd: The Red River Shootout! OU v. Texas in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. So I'm a fan of either team since they always seem to beat my beloved Cowboys of Oklahoma State. I'm still not sure in this late hour who to root for in the game. I need to determine which team winning or losing will benefit OSU the most...

October 14th: Chicago! Headed back to the windy city to visit J. for what will probably be the last time this calendar year. I'm excited to see real fall weather, in Oklahoma we go seem to go from warm to cold weather most years.

October 19th: Oklahoma City AIDS walk and 5K run. A great event for a great cause in downtown Oklahoma City. Unfortunately I'll miss it since I don't get back to OKC until late Sunday night.

October 31st: Halloween aka Gay Christmas. Always a crazy time for me and I imagine that this weekend will be no different. I always struggle with wanting to wear a costume but I ultimately never do. Any suggestions?

That's about it other than more football goodness as Big 12 play goes into full swing. Go Pokes!!

Thanks again to all the readers and comments over the previous month. I had my highest hit total in any month ever! Thanks!


Jason said...

Dave! The AIDS Walk was September 19th! I swear they moved the date earlier this year, because I missed it.

Dave said...

I know! I was arguing with my parents about the date. They did move the date, it used to be in October, I guess when I skimmed the information I just assumed it was this month. Boo.