Monday, October 25, 2010

The Presuppose You're Living in New England Meme

Once again courtesy of Sunday Stealing. (I wrote this yesterday but forgot to publish for some reason)

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. Have you turned the heat on in your house yet this fall?
I turned the heat on for the first time last night and promptly shut it off this morning as the house was an oven.

2. Do you allow your pets on the furniture?
I would if I had any pets.

3. What were your final words for September?
No clue, probably something about your mom.

4. What were your first words for October?
Probably, "yay, it's Friday!!"

5. Do you think you’ve ever seen a ghost?
I believe in myself and that's about all I'm really sure about.

6. What is the one color that represents this time of year?

7. Which of your senses do you think is most sensitive this time of year?
Not sure, maybe feel since the weather turns colder and sharper and my skin becomes extremely dry this time of year.

8. What is your favorite thing to do at the county fair?
I haven't been to a county fair since I was probably a kid. My favorite activity at the State Fair is to eat lost of really bad food like fried beer.

9. What do you like when you have a cold?
I assume this means food. Any kind of soup is good but especially potato soup or hamburger\vegetable stew.

10. Are you willing to spend over $100 for a piece of winter clothing, like boots or a coat?
Yes and I have already this season though it's been too warm to use the coat as of yet.

12. What do you have too much of in your kitchen?
Glass wear definitely, as in things to drink out of.

13. What gripes do you have about this time of year?
Overall I love fall/winter but I do have really dry skin that can get out of hand if I don't stay moisturized. The last couple of years were dreadful, I had an ongoing rash from nearly head to toe!

14. Other than yourself, are you responsible for getting anyone ready in the morning?
No, and if I were they would be SOL as I have a hard enough time dragging my own ass out of bed as it is.

15. When was the last time you cleaned your gutters?
Oddly enough I don't gutters on my house.

16. So, it’s after Labor Day. Will you still be wearing white?
Yes because I do what I want! Such a rebel.

17. What shows are you most looking forward to this Fall?
I'm looking forward to the new AMC series The Walking Dead. It starts on Halloween night.

18. What three things have you just not gotten around to from the summer, but probably should do before snow flies?
In Oklahoma there really isn't a whole lot to do to prepare for winter. We do get some pretty nasty winter weather from time to time but it's never for an extended period of time. The only preparation I can think of is to have an ice scraper in your car.

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