Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rand Paul Supporters

It looks like the Rand Paul (Teabagger candidate for Senate in Kentucky) supporters are just as disgusting as their candidate. Watch the video below:

What an ugly election season this is turning out to be! It takes a "real man" to kick a woman in the head when she's down...

Moreover what is the deal with the rise of the Teabaggers and all of these ultra fringe candidates? They say they are tired of a government intrusion and out of control spending, though it is odd that they were curiously silent during the the massive amount of debt this country accumulated during the Bush years. My personal opinion is that these so-called Teabaggers, in general, are a bunch of racist scum bags that have been jumping out of their skin since the election of a dark skinned President.

Liberals, progressives, and normal thinking people need to get out the vote in one week no matter how gloomy the prospects seem. I'm less than thrilled about a lot of the Democratic choices this year but they are far better than many of the kooks running on the Republican ticket. Getting out the vote is key this year, like every year, maybe not for gains in Congress but to stop the tide of the radical fringe from taking over!


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