Monday, October 04, 2010

Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun

"In a matter of weeks, Oklahoma prosecutors and their assistants will be able to carry guns inside courtrooms."


I spent a lot of time in Oklahoma County court last year, they already screen people coming into the building via a metal detector. In fact my dad was turned away from the building a couple of times for carrying his pocket knife.

Other places Oklahoma should consider allowing firearms:

Any concerts involving Taylor Swift, you know for suicide purposes.

At the Ford Center for when/if Kobe Bryant returns to OKC. Suck it Lakers!

The State Capital in case the liberals try to mount a siege.

The Oklahoma City Zoo, visitors aren't killing off the animal on the Oklahoma Trail quick enough by throwing debris in their pens.

At Tramps in case Matt tries to play one more Michael Buble song!!

Speaking of guns:

Speaking of Julie Brown:

Cause I'm a Blonde

"I just want to say that being chosen this month's Miss August
Is, like, a compliment that I'll remember for as long as I can.
Right now I'm a freshman in my fourth year at UCLA,
But, my goal is to become a veterinarian 'cause I love children!"

Hilarious. My friend Justin was channeling Julie Brown this weekend while we watched the Oklahoma/Texas game.

Where else do we need guns in Oklahoma?


Amanda said...

Ah Earth Girls Are Easy. Classic.

Debster said...

"Duck, Magnum, Duck!"

Taylor a word, Ugh.

Happy Monday, Dave!

Dave said...

Duck! That's so freakin' funny!! Happy Monday all...

Anonymous said...

Michael Buble is awsome!!

matty said...

I agree with Anonymous!!