Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Minutes III in 3D!

Unfamiliar with the minutes? Click here.

Kim started taking the minutes at Sipango last Saturday evening after some sushi and wine at Sushi Neko:

8:15 - David - “She knows the story, but I’m hot, and she wants the dick.”

8:20 - David - Showing off his new Italian Leather boots, props one up on the table to display while exclaiming it has a zipper… meanwhile, Kim, Mel, Jac, and Hay cracking up because of the piece of toilet paper hanging from the bottom.

8:23 - Hayley - “That’s why I can’t get rid of men, my sex is on fire, gotta beat em’ off with a broom.”
David- (in response) “That’s called chlamydia, you should get a shot.”

8:44 - David - “I can country stwo tep!!!”

8:58 - David - Referring to the hot lesbian, “His (her) labia is hung like a moose!”

9:21 - Mel - Talking to Kim/Hay who are gawking at the hot lesbian, “Close your lips ladies, your other lips!”

9:23 - David - To Kim, “HEY! Just cause your dating a stump!!!”

We never seem to last very long before the minute taker is too drunk to continue...

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matty said...

lol...short minutes