Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet Me on Monday

I didn't get around to doing a Sunday Stealing post yesterday, too much football! As a result I'm participating in Meet Me on Monday from Never Growing Old:

1. What is your favorite pasta dish?
Hard to say, I'm not usually a pasta person and Italian wouldn't be my first choice when cooking or eating out. On occasion when I do order something with pasta I'll usually go with something spicy. The Seafood "Diablo" is really good at Pearl's Oyster Bar.

2. What is the last thing you do before going to bed?
Fall asleep on the sofa. I have a bad habit of falling asleep in the evening on my couch and then waking up in the middle of the night and dragging my ass to bed.

3. How many nights a week do you go out to eat?
Not as much as I used to, maybe a couple times a week. Often I'll tag along with my parents when they go out to eat and snag a free meal.

4. Are you an avid book reader?
I'm not sure if I'm avid but I do read often. I'm on my 37th book so far this year and my goal is to read 50 by the end of the year. So basically I average about a book a week.

5. Would you rather have x-ray vision or bionic hearing?
X-ray vision of course! How cool would it be to be able to see into anything?


chele said...

Yeah, I think a book week constitutes "avid". Great to meet you.

Amanda said...

I think xray vision would rock.

Debster said...

I chose the hearing because I think I'm losing mine, slowly but surely. I need eye bleach enough as it is--esp. when I look in the mirror. LOL. Have a good week, Dave. You da man.