Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fried Beer

I saw on Rachel Maddow's blog today that fried beer was now being served at the Texas State Fair! Wow.

Check out Fun Fried Beverages for more information on the process of frying beer.

"People said it could not be done; impossible is what we were told! When you put beer into a fryer, it will cause a violent reaction with the oil..."

As a society haven't we taken frying everything we can eat and shoving it on a stick a little too far?

Fried Twinkie on a stick.

Fried Oreo on a stick.

Fried Coca-cola (no shit!).

Fried weasel on a stick (it tastes just like chicken).

Now fried beer! I can barely guzzle down a beer without gagging when it starts to approach room temperature. Call me old fashioned but I really want to slurp down my intoxicating beverage from a frosty cold mug.

All hail fair season!

What is the most bizarre food item you've seen fried and impaled on a stick (or not on a stick)?


Dann said...

Fried beer! Who would have thought? Is it on a stick?

Dave said...

Nope, no stick.