Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DADT Repeal Fails in the Senate

"Senate Republicans, led by John McCain (R-Ariz.), have blocked the Senate from considering the defense authorization bill Tuesday afternoon. By blocking the bill from moving to the Senate floor, Republicans accomplish the objective of stalling the repeal of the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy and blocking the Senate from considering the DREAM Act, which would give young, undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship if they enlist in the military or enroll in college."


Thank you President Obama for dragging your ass on this issue for the last two years and wasting the super majority the Senate enjoyed for a time after the 2008 elections. Your "fierce advocacy" of LGBT issues is a joke.

Thank you Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas) for helping to filibuster this bill. I hope you lose your seat in November.

Thank you Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) for siding with a procedural maneuver over principal, you believe the policy to be wrong.

Thank you Harry Reid (D-Nevada) for not bringing up a vote to repeal on it's own, earlier.

Thank you Department of Defense for believing more study is needed in a 17 year old policy that has seen 13,000 service members discharged in that period of time.

I'm so over Republicans and Democrats. It's pretty sad when they fail to act when 80% of the American public are for repeal! We join the ranks of Cuba, China, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Syria, and Yemen, to name a few, in not allowing service members to serve openly. What a great list to be a part of!

It makes me physically sick...


Mr Happy said...

It sucks to have to live a lie in the 'land of the free and home of the brave'. I think we've all had to do it to some extent to keep our jobs, keep peace in our families and keep our facades in tact. The senate shouldn't make our military live this way, and we shouldn't make each other do it either. This isn't just a political problem, it's a life issue. All of us can do better at what the US Senate failed to do.

Jason said...

I'm so pissed at the Democrats. Hell, Republicans are like dogs, you can't blame a dog for acting like a dog, it's no surprise. But the Democrats are so inept, so spineless, and so patronizing, they make me ill. May Blanche Lincoln lose and give Arkansas the true Republican they deserve.

Dave said...

Agreed to both comments. I'm still super pissed this morning. So now we have three options to repeal DADT in the near future: (1) get it done in the lame duck session, (2) have the President sign some kind of executive order, or (3) through the courts. I'm afraid it's gonna be a while...

Jason said...

Executive order is out. DADT is a statute and cannot be repealed by EO. Lame duck session repeal has just as much chance of passing as the current session. The Courts are the only viable option, but it could take years.