Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Speaking of Religion...

Did any of my Oklahoma City readers see the new billboard at I-44 and N.W. 10th?

I love it! We here in the great state of Oklahoma are accustom to seeing "Abortion is Murder" or "Got God" billboards all over the place but I can't remember ever seeing an atheist one. First the Satan worshippers try to make inroads in Oklahoma City and now this?

What happened to the bible thumping state that boasts more churches than California? I mean you can't spit around here without hitting a couple of places of worship (mostly Christian). Keep this up Oklahoma and we'll be the laughing stock of Mississippi and Alabama!

Seriously, I love that someone had the balls to place this kind of ad on a billboard and that the billboard owner or company allowed it. What's even better is that it is right near the Interstate exits for the State Fair which opens next week. There's gonna be a lot of rural Oklahoma travelers who won't be happy that they wandered into Gomorra!


Debster said...

That billboard is really gutsy to be tacked up in the notch of the bible belt. Love it. Freedom of religion also means freedom not to participate in religion.

Dave said...

Exactly. I dog on religion quite a bit but I really don't have a problem with any religious beliefs as long as they aren't involved in the government.

One common belief between almost all religions is the "golden rule" which is actually a pretty good way for anyone to live.


Becky said...

I saw this on huffpo the other day. I haven't seen it in person yet.

I say good for them. lol There is nothing at all offensive about the sign.