Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crabby Wednesday

I've been kind of crabby all week for some reason, hence the lack of posts, that and I haven't really had anything to talk about. Here is what I hate about my day to day routine during the week:

I hate that everyday the traffic is completely stopped on the I-44 exit to I-40 for NO FUCKING REASON! This happens at other places on the Interstates around Oklahoma City as well. Why does traffic come to a random complete stop for no apparent reason? The most obvious explanation is that Oklahoma drivers are idiots.

Speaking of traffic I hate that farmer Ted doesn't understand that the far left lane on any given highway is for faster traffic! Prepare to have your ass rode if you're driving 50 miles an hour in this lane asshole.

I hate that the blonde headed Asian guy at 7-11 asks for my ID every time I stop in for cigarettes, which is all the time. On some days he'll wait for me to dig it out of my wallet and then tell me it's not necessary. WTF?

I hate every radio program during the morning drive in the Oklahoma City market. Here's a breakdown of some of the most hated:

  • Jack and Ron on 98.9 KISS FM - How these ass clowns keep winning best DJ's by the Oklahoma Gazette is totally beyond me. They are completely unfunny and advertise themselves as the "bad boys of radio." They are half right, bad. Jack does the most cringe worthy imitations of Paula Dean and Arnold Schwarzenegger on a nearly daily basis. It makes me want to drive my car through the highway divider!
  • The morning animals on 98.1 FM The Sports Animal - Completely unfunny and little talk of sports, which is why I would want to tune in. I swear that there is 50 minutes of commercial time every hour!
  • TJ, Janet, and JROD in the morning on KJ103 FM - While not totally devoid of some interesting discussions and humor in the morning, I just can't get over the grating sound of Janet's voice. She so annoys me with a combination of chalk board scratching, Oklahoma hillbilly twang, and Wicked Witch of the West accent, that if I listen for more than a few minutes my nose begins to bleed. No one makes me bleed my own blood!
  • Joey and Heather on WILD 104.9 HD - My favorite morning show in the broadcast area, such as it is. In fact Heather is the only female personality in the entire market I can physically stand to listen to for any length of time. She actually sounds somewhat professional rather than an extra from the movie "Deliverance." Still, this show is mostly unfunny as well.

Ah much better after rant! I was listening to people call in to KJ103 this morning commenting on a story about this guy and girl that went on a date. Apparently the girl asked the guy out to a nice restaurant. At the end of the meal the guy was surprised that the girl didn't pick up the check since she was the one who asked him out. Today's question of the day is this: Does the man on a date always pick up the check even if he didn't initiate the date? My opinion is if you ask someone out, you should be prepared to pay, regardless of gender. What do you think?


Jason said...

OMG! Jack's awful, AWFUL impressions, be it Paula Dean, Arnold, or Bill Clinton, makes me violent. They are not funny and devoid of talent.

Dave said...

I know! Just plain terrible!! Listening to them totally makes me want to drive a bus full of nuns off a cliff...