Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top Chef: Reunion

I usually don't watch the Bravo reunion shows unless on occasion when they involve the Real Housewives of (insert location here). I did watch the Top Chef: DC reunion show last night and I have to say it was kind of fun. How sad that perhaps the reunion show was the best episode of the season! Some thoughts on the show:

My very favorite part of the reunion special: "I's married now!" Tiffany channeling "The Color Purple." I tried to find a clip online from that moment in the movie but alas I failed.

So the great pea puree heist was never fully resolved. I'm of the mind that Alex didn't snatch anyone's food after hearing Amanda and Kelly's testimony that they saw Alex buy peas and make the puree. Odd that it was never caught on film. Kudos to Ed for wearing the pea puree shirt.

Did I miss fan favorite or is it going to be revealed on Watch What Happens Live tonight?

According to Gail, Tom knows how to handle balls. Nice.

Kenny's beast tattoo is a little extreme! He should have just stuck with the shirt. I'll be glad the beast storyline is finally dead, until the next series...

Top Chef: All Stars looks like it might be a lot of fun. Some of the near winners from all the past seasons coming back for a competition.

It was fun to see the contestants and judges in the lighter moments of the series, making them seem more real instead of the raging assholes they appeared to be during the series.

Is anyone still watching Top Chef: Just Desserts? I'm really digging the show so far. I may try to do a proper recap next week. For now, here are some impressions:

Morgan and Seth form a connection since they're two of the few straight guys in the competition. Give me a break.

Seth is fucking crazy! His meltdown in the kitchen was cringe worthy and embarrassing to watch. He really showed his ass the whole episode going from crazy sad to crazy angry. My friend Matt text me the following message during the show: "He is fucking crazy... I think the devil lives in that lump on his neck..." I laughed my ass off to this!

I like the challenges so far in the series, last night the quick fire challenge was to make a creation using penny candy and the elimination challenge was to make a dessert inspired by liquor and ingredients behind the bar. Who doesn't love a boozy challenge.

I was a little sad to see Tim sent home. He seemed like a nice enough guy. Goodbye mother hen. Why do the gay guys always go out early in these competitions? Fortunately there are a lot more to go on this show...

Next chef out: Malika.

I'm totally not prepared to make a prediction yet on the final four. Maybe next week.

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