Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whatcha Wearin This Wednesday?

I can't believe June is almost over! From W.T.F. Weekly Meme:

1) I keep hearing about some cell phone game called "Angry Birds." I've never played it, but I do know what it's like to deal with angry birds in my office's parking garage. Those things will viciously dive at your head. What do you think makes birds so angry?

I would imagine that they are protecting a nest somewhere close. I too have never played "Angry Birds," I usually just play "Words With Friends" if I play anything on my cell phone.

2) You've been asked to house-sit for someone (a friend, coworker, family member, whomever else it may be). Do you go snooping throughout the house or do you totally respect their privacy?

I've only house-sat once for a friend of mine many years ago and I would never go snooping through a friend's house!

3) You turn on the news on your television and see the home you grew up in (or spent a large chuck of your childhood in) going down in flames. Are you sad that the house is on fire or happy that the house will no longer be standing?

I wouldn't care, in fact I would hope that the flames would spread and take out my entire home town!

4) Do you eat Oreos by taking them apart and licking out the cream first or do you bite right in? Do you dunk them in milk?

If I ever eat Oreos, which is rare, I just bite into them with milk. I'm more of a chocolate chip cookie kind of guy.

5) Have you ever had to call 911 (or whatever emergency system your town has if you don't have 911)? If so, what for?

I've never called 911 but I did call the non-emergency line when a drunk driver took out my jeep a couple of years ago.

6) You and your significant other are out on a date at a fancy restaurant. The waitress brings your bill, and it's $75, but you notice that the waitress forgot to add the $16 dessert that you ordered to the bill. Do you go ahead and just pay the $75 or be honest and say that she forgot to add in the dessert?

I would let the server know that they under charged us. I've been in that position before as a server. Here in Oklahoma servers make $2.13 an hour so the higher the ticket the higher the potential tip.

7) Are you a "fix-it-yourself" or a "call-somebody-to-fix-it" type of person?

It depends on the work. I've done about everything one can do to a house except plumbing and electrical work.

8), a company that produces many political themed dolls has released now-ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner dolls -- one has anatomically correct genitals while the other has the freakish no-genitals look. Both are dressed in a gym shirt and shorts with a label that reads "Tweet This." If a company made a doll in your likeness, would you want it to be anatomically correct or not?

I'm sure the anatomically correct doll would be the bigger seller!

9) If you found an unmarked suitcase full of cash in the middle of the street, what would you do?

My first impulse would be to buy some shoes but I'm sure I would turn it in to the authorities and hope for a reward.

10) It's the middle of the night and you start getting text messages from an unknown number. The first says, "Hey sexy. Im thinkin about you. Whatcha wearin?" When you don't respond, several texts follow. Do you 1) shut off your phone, 2) text back saying they have the wrong number, or 3) play along for a bit and screw with the person?

This has happened to me in a way. Usually it's someone I gave my number to at a bar or an event. I would reply to the texts to see what was up.


CinfulCinnamon said...

Hi Dave. Stopping by from WTF. Hope your Wednesday was/is a good one.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Not a big fan of your home town, I guess!

Dave said...

Small NW Oklahoma town of about 12,000 people. Umm, that would be correct.