Friday, June 17, 2011

The Weekend Starts with a Slightly Scandalous Friday

Once again from W.T.F Weekly Meme:

1) You've won the unlimited use of a recreational vehicle for this weekend (including all the free gasoline you need). You must leave in an hour and have the RV back by 9 a.m. Monday morning. Where do you go and who do you take with you?

Well you can't get too far from Oklahoma City. Maybe a quick trip up to the Black Hills of South Dakota to see Deadwood and Mount Rushmore.

2) You find out that a close friend who seems to the perfect marriage had an affair almost 10 years ago that resulted in a baby. It's been kept a secret from the public all this time, but the friend's spouse has obviously forgiven him/her. Does this change your opinion of your friend or his/her spouse?

It's funny I just had this talk with my good friend Arnold. What people do in their personal life has no bearing on how I feel about them unless it has something to do with me personally.

3) What if the friend who had the affair and lovechild was also the minister at your church? Would that secret scandal change your answer to the last question?

Not at all, I don't suffer from that particular form of mental illness, religion, so I wouldn't be hanging out in a church or with a minister.

4) My boyfriend uses the predict text function on his phone, and it recently backfired. He meant to text me this "Watching baby ducks on the road," but instead it said "Watching baby fucks on the road." Do you use an auto-correct or predict text function on your phone? If so, do you have any funny stories about it? (By the way, if you haven't checked out the Damn You Auto Correct website, you really should. Just be prepared to laugh 'til you cry.)

I use auto-correct or predictive texting and I really need it as my spelling can be interesting at times. A friend of mine recently text me asking if I wanted to barback a private party and it came through as "bareback!" Awkward.

5) I've been asked on several past memes and Facebook surveys about times I snuck out of my house when I was a teenager. I want to switch that question around: Did you ever sneak someone into your home?

I never had to sneak people into my house, my parents really didn't care. I had girls over all the time.

6) Or, keeping with the sneaking around topic: Was there ever an item you had to sneak into your house and hide from your parents because it was not allowed in your house?

Not that I can think of at the moment. The only thing we would try to hide was maybe beer but my dad worked for a Coors distributor my whole life so we always had beer easily accessible.

7) Have you ever been the recipient of a RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness)? Or have you done one for someone else?

I've actually experienced this several times, mostly in the drive through in restaurants for breakfast. I've had the car in front of me pay for my breakfast burrito many times.

8) What are three things you've never done before that would surprise people?

1. I've never killed an animal with a gun or a bow.
2. I've never seen the movie Avatar.
3. I'm not nearly as awesome as I think I am.

9) I have a totally irrational (and somewhat offensive) fear of midgets. I have no clue why, but "small people" creep the hell out of me. Do you have any fears that are irrational, or maybe they are rational but funny regardless?

No fears that I can think of off hand. I have strong dislikes but it isn't the same, children and conservatives come to mind.

10) Recently there has been quite a bit of focus on being friends with benefits. There was the recent movie "No Strings Attached" and this summer's upcoming movie "Friends With Benefits" with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, and NBC is about to premiere a TV show also called "Friends With Benefits." Do you think two people can ever be just friends but have casual sex?

I think anything is possible. I've never had a friend with benefits but that's just me. I need some kind of emotional connection with whomever I'm whoring with, or at least a good dose of vodka.

11) I once composed an email to my now ex-husband griping about one of my co-workers saying she was a total bitch, but instead of sending it to him, I sent it to the co-worker by accident. Have you ever accidentally emailed someone insulting them when you meant to send it to someone else?

I'm sure I've done this before but I'm positive it wasn't a surprise. People generally know how I feel about them.

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BPD in OKC said...

I've never seen Avatar either. It doesn't look interesting to me whatsoever.