Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting a Little Freaky on Friday

Yay, it's the weekend, and Pride Weekend at that! From WTF Weekly Meme:

1) If your life was a TV game show, what current show or type of show would best reflect the life you've lived?

Press Your Luck. Big money, no whammies!!

2) We all know the story of "Freaky Friday" (two people change places and live in the other person's body for a day or two). If you could become any member of your family for just one day, who would you become?

My sister-in-law. I'd love to lounge about the pool all day!

3) The current issue of Redbook magazine talks about how to handle your children walking in on you having sex. ... Did you ever hear your parents or *shudder* walk in on them having sex? What happened once they found out that you overheard it or saw them? Did they talk to you about it or just pretend it didn't happen?

This never happened to me fortunately. I have enough psychological scars thank you very much.

4) On opposite end of the spectrum, one of my ex-boyfriends once got a gun pulled on him when he was caught having sex with a hunter's teenage daughter. Did anyone ever catch you during a sexual activity?

Yes my friend Matt walked in on me twice. He knew exactly what was going on at the other end of the closed door, asshat.

5) My father, an art teacher and professional artist, always said that the most beautiful people in the world usually have symmetrical faces. If beauty is mostly based on bilateral symmetry, why do you think most hairstyles are asymmetrical?

I have no response to this nor do I care.

6) Would you eat a bowl of live crickets for $10,000?

Yes, high in protein. It's already been established on this blog that I would almost do anything for ten thousand dollars.

7) List 5 things that simply bore you to tears.

1) Most people.
2) Most television shows especially American Idol.
3) NASCAR, a great way to put me to sleep almost instantly.
4) Baseball on TV.
5) Waiting around in airports.

8) Tell me about one of your totally useless possessions and how you came to own it, and don't try to tell me you don't have at least one useless item because we all have 'em.

My stove! It came with the house...

9) If farting was a career, my younger brother could seriously be a billionaire. What is a "skill" you naturally possess that you wish you could make a living doing?

Tormenting my friends, especially Dann.

10) If your significant other created a scavenger hunt for your birthday during which you had to drive around town and gather clues to locate your gift, would you find it romantic or annoying?

I think it would be awesome but there better be a good payoff at the end, gas isn't cheap.

11) The circus is in my town this weekend. If you joined the circus, what act would you most want to perform?

The circus is in town here too. I would either want to be one of the 32 clowns they squeeze into that little car or the guy that gets to beat the elephants with that hook ala "Water for Elephants."

12) What do you think would happen if it really did rain cats and dogs? I know I'd be in heaven if it happened, but what about you?

I'd probably go eat at Grand House, the eats would be nice and fresh.

13) Today (June 24) is “UFO Day.” The first documented UFO sighting was on this day. Do you believe in life on other planets?

As the Vulcans say: "infinite diversity in infinite combinations."


Dann said...

Yes, and torment me he does!!!

Brilliantly Blonde said...

Just for the record...the questions on this meme are entirely too long.

Dave said...

I know it's tough for you to read something so in depth Amy! Case in point: "Cry to Heaven!"