Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love Bites When It's Wednesday

I may try to follow another meme site in addition to Sunday Stealing. A new one brought to my attention is W.T.F Weekly Meme. From the site:

"Welcome to the W.T.F. meme which features random questions from my totally random mind. W.T.F. stands for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (what the f#@* did you think it stood for?), which are the days when the meme will post. Yes, that's right... three days of questions every week. This meme will feature questions you may have never been asked before at least not on a public level. The questions will come from random current events or be personality quiz-type questions or will be based on the crazy conversations I have with people in my own life.

Please visit the other participants' websites and comment on their answers. The meme's logos can be found below to the right. There's a general one in case you decide you want to do it on a day other than Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, which is totally cool with me. Then there are specific day logos."

1) My neighbor once asked me if I was pregnant after I had just gained some weight. She was so embarrassed about her mistake that she didn't speak to me for a year. Have you ever accidentally asked if a woman was pregnant when she wasn't?

I would never, ever presume to ask anyone this question because quite frankly it can be hard to tell sometime. In general I do have a big mouth but this is a question I can definitely keep to myself. I've found that if someone is pregnant they'll usually volunteer the information.

2) Several parents' organizations have spoken out about teenage "sexting." Do you think the members of the parents' organizations do it themselves? Do you think they text sexy messages or photos to their significant others? Are they just concerned parents or do you think they're hypocrites?

I'm sure a lot more people are "sexting" than is freely admitted, I'm looking at you Congressman Weiner. Isn't it always the parents role to teach their children to "do as I say not as I do." As an adult who has texted or emailed questionable information, I would still encourage my child, if I had one, to not engage in this kind of activity, you'll never know when or where those pictures will turn up.

3) Your phone rings, and it's your local newspaper calling to get an exclusive interview with you. What happened (or what did you do) to get them to want to interview you?

They probably want to know how it is that I can party so much without needing a liver transplant!

4) Do you follow recipes when you cook or are you an improviser in the kitchen? My boyfriend likes to throw random things into dishes, like the time he was cooking steak for us and put several packets of Taco Bell sauce into the marinade.

If it's something I know how to cook I just wing it. If I'm trying a new recipe I usually follow the directions faithfully.

5) Self-serve frozen yogurt places (Orange Leaf, Peach Wave, and Fresh Berry, just to name a few) have completely overtaken my area. They normally have about 10 types of frozen yogurt and up to 50 types of toppings. Pretend you're eating at one. What types of frozen yogurt and toppings do you get?

I have no clue. Those kinds of places aren't prevalent in Oklahoma City unfortunately, there's a reason we're the most unhealthy city in America! A better question would be what kind of gravy would you pick to smother over your chicken fried steak.

6) June is National Accordion Awareness Month. How crazy is it that they have an awareness month for accordions? What do you want people to be aware of?

That's just crazy! There seems to be an awareness month for everything these days. For me June is a celebration and awareness for LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Intersex) people since this is our gay pride month for the area.

7) I live across the street from drug dealers who scare the living hell out of me. If you were to decide you suddenly want to try an illegal drug, do you know where you would go to purchase the drug?

If I ever decided I wanted to try an illegal drug (wink, wink) I would have no problems finding several people who sell said items.

8) You've won a $500 gift card to Walmart, Target, KMart, or any other megastore of your choosing. What is the first thing you purchase?

A new TV if it's possible to find a good one in a megastore.

9) NBC's new show "Love Bites" talked about "the list" in its premiere episode. "The list" is a list of celebrities you're allowed to sleep with if you ever get a chance, and it does not count as cheating toward your significant other. Who would be your top 5 celebrities on your list?

I've actually discussed this with my friend Kim and her cousin recently. While they had no problem coming up with a top 5 I would really need to think about it. I can say without hesitation that Chris Pine would be near the top of the list.

10) OK, let's switch that around. Say you and your significant other have created lists of celebrities you're allowed to sleep with if you get the chance. Your partner spots the #1 person on his/her list and sleeps with the person, which is totally OK by the rules of "the list." Do you think you could actually handle it?

Since I don't have a significant other, at least in the sense of the word, I would say go for it! I'd never be worried making such an "arrangement" since the odds of winning the lottery or getting struck by lightening are better.


AZ Harveys said...

Is there any kind of gravy to smother over your CFS other than the good, thick, white, totally unhealthy kind? Anything else is heretical. Throw some sausage in it to put over biscuits.

Dave said...

Some folks like the brown variety! Blech...

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

We agree on a lot. You'd really worry if someone said they'd sleep with a movie star? You are SO right...

Brilliantly Blonde said...

#5- I'm surprised you've never been to the Orange Leaf in Stillwater since it's your second home. There are a couple of the other named places in Edmond and on NW Expressay. Unfortunately, they do not serve hard liquor, so I'm guessing you'll never set foot in one. :D

Dave said...

That's it Amy! I'm waiting for a Yogurt PUB to open up in OKC.