Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Pilgrimage to Mecca

On my recent trip to Dallas last weekend I was able to take some time to visit Mecca, also know as Cowboys Stadium!

The tours of the stadium run every hour or so and the admission was $17.50. Though I enjoyed touring the facility, I found the guided tour to be a little too long, clocking in at about and hour and a half.

Highlights of the facility we were able to tour:

Press boxes and suites - areas I'm sure I'll never see during a game.

Locker rooms - I could have skipped the cheerleader locker room but the players locker room was awesome. Supposedly each "locker" was of some imported wood that costs ten thousand dollars a piece. We were cautioned not to sit or stand on the dressing areas.

Endzones - the endzones have giant doors on each side that open up several stories. The doors on each side have to be opened together otherwise the pressure of the enormous place would blow out the glass on the opposite side.

Stadium screen - the six story screen above the field in the first picture above is absolutely amazing. I've seen the thing in pictures and on TV during games but any image that I had previously viewed of the screen didn't do it justice. It is mind boggling. According to the tour guide the screen itself cost 40 million dollars, 5 million dollars more than the entire cost of the original Texas Stadium in Irvin.

Unfortunately we weren't able to go onto the field as there was some kind of Father's Day event going on. The tour was definitely worth the short drive from downtown Dallas to Arlington. How 'bout them Cowboys!

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