Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Top Chef: Rerun!


I watched Modern Family and Cougar Town this and last week on ABC. I mainly tuned in for Modern Family but I've found myself enjoying Cougar Town much more. I know, I know. It will be my new guilty pleasure for a while.

So now I am officially watching more television shows at one time than I have in years (not counting news programs, football and Adult Swim): Top Chef, Mad Men and the two sitcoms mentioned above.

And to end this mostly worthless posting in keeping with the TV theme: Rachael Ray is the Anti-Christ! I have no real reasons, she just is.

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Maestro said...

Ok I totally didn't see a rerun of Top Chef coming and of course tuned in to watch Modern Family. Couldn't watch Cougar Town though cuz I'm just so tired of hearing the term "Cougar"!! But if you say its worth watching, perhaps I might give it a shot! Thanks Dave! See ya next week (if not before)