Monday, September 21, 2009

The South Shall Rise Again!

I don't have a Sunday Funday story this week since I did pretty much nothing over the weekend but recuperate from being ill. I did venture out to "the great state fair of Oklahoma" on Sunday morning with the parents. We went early enough to avoid the crowds and the heat. Here are a few observations I have about the fair:

Going early to the fair is great. Enjoy the cooler weather, beat the crowds and easier parking; however, if you expect to get a beer before noon, you're shit out of luck. Apparently there's an old liquor law on the books which prevents the serving of alcohol before noon either anywhere or at state functions. I'm still confused about the reasons the nice girl gave me when I tried to buy a beer at one of the food stands. Beer in Oklahoma is 3.2% alcohol by weight and considered a food product, I saw food being served before noon! Also I know there are restaurants around town that serve beer and/or alcohol between 10 and noon.

After running around most of the morning we took a break and sat down to enjoy a cold adult beverage (after 12PM of course). While people watching I noticed a flag pole near the needle (or is it a space needle?). It was flying a Confederate flag!!! I wasn't aware that Oklahoma was an integral part of the Civil War. In fact I'm not so sure Oklahoma would be considered a Confederate territory. I did a little research this morning and found some information here and here. Regardless of the status of the Indian Territory during the Civil War, I don't think we need to fly the Confederate flag under any circumstances. It's a racist symbol, period. Anyone who says otherwise, usually promoting the theory it's a symbol of the states rights over the federal governments power, is a redneck chump. I tried to get a snap shot of the flag with the camera in my phone but it didn't turn out too well.

Not to be entirely negative, I did find the fair to be cleaner than I remember (it's been a couple of years since I attended). The paid parking was a lot easier to deal with rather than what is usually a massive mud pit in the free parking areas. The crowds were manageable and there were plenty of food options to please just about anyone, albeit not very healthy ones.


jho said...

do you see me down there on the right, i'm in line for cheese on a steeeeeck!!!!

Dave said...

Oh my god! That was sweet and sour cat on a stick you were drinking!!!

Dave said...

Err, I mean eating but feel free to drink some cat as well.