Friday, September 11, 2009

College Football Week 2

Another weekend and another round of college football! There are some great games scheduled for this weekend but I think last week featured some better matchups. Below are my top three games of the weekend with predictions.

#19 Notre Dame at Michigan: This is one of those games where I wish both teams would lose but sadly the tie rule was changed in the '90's. I think Notre Dame came into the year overrated, did they really deserve to be ranked after last season? Michigan has been struggling of late and I have nearly zero respect for the Big 10. If I had to lay money down in Vegas, which is usually the kiss of death as I have little luck betting on sporting events, I would pick Notre Dame to win by 3 on the road. I think they are better than Michigan but that isn't saying much.

#3 USC at #8 Ohio State: The other OSU. Southern Cal is another team I love to hate. I can't believe they are ranked so highly with a freshman quarterback! In his defense they looked pretty good last week from what I remember during my beer induced Labor Day coma. I really think USC should win this game even though they're on the road but I'm going to pick Ohio State. A USC loss will help inch Oklahoma State a little higher in the polls.

Houston at #5 Oklahoma State: The Cougars come to Stillwater bringing a high powered offense and one of the best quarterbacks in the country. They also bring a defense so bad that they should've been invited to play in the Big 12 conference. This should be a fun game with lots of offense on both sides of the ball. I'd like to see OSU build on their defensive game they had last week but I think Houston is going to be mighty hard to contain. In the end OSU will be too much for the Cougars. Pokes by 21.

Bonus: The Sooners of Oklahoma roll over St. Mary's School of the Blind by 35!

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Dann said...

I agree with Dave on most of his predictions but not necessarily the point spreads. However, I think USC is going to beat Ohio and probably by 7 maybe 10.