Thursday, September 10, 2009

GOP Manners

What the hell is wrong with the republican party? Last night during Obama's speech:

Republican representatives were texting on their phones and posting twitter updates while the President was speaking, including Mary Fallin!

They were also holding up copies of their own health care bill (who know they had one?) during parts of the speech.

The worst infraction came from representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina. He thought nothing of yelling, "Lie. You lie!" at the President when he stated that the health care bill would not support paying for care to illegal aliens. I was going to contact Joe today to voice my displeasure but apparently his Congressional website is down! How convenient!

More on Wilson.


Dann said...

I agree! Even if they disagree with The President, they should show respect for the office. I think the GOP really showed their true colors last night!

Dave said...

He should've thrown his shoe at Obama!

GrapeSeed said...

LMAO @ the shoe!