Sunday, May 22, 2011

The "You Can't Be Missed" Meme, Part 3

Hey, I'm on time today! From Sunday Stealing.

Cheers to all of us thieves!

31. What is your absolute favorite dessert?
I'm not really a dessert person but I do like ice cream.

32. What can someone do to make you smile, no matter what?
Nothing! I AM NOT AMUSED!!

33. What do the hip people think of you?
Umm excuse me, I am one of the hip people.

34. What was the last gift you bought someone?
I bought my friend a shirt that I kept and wore for six months.

35. What was your favorite class in high school?
History, Government, or Biology.

36. How many spouses would be about right?
72 as long as they are all virgins.

37. What would you say was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
There's too many to pick just one!

38. Have you ever donate money to charity?
I have.

39. Has porn ever had a positive place in a current or recent relationship?
Sure, porn is a wonderful thing, the Internet is for porn!

40. Would you ever dump the one you're with for someone who makes an obvious play and is MUCH hotter?
Of course, it's like a new car, you have to trade it in every now and then.

41. Have you ever disowned one of your relatives?
No, I reserve that honor for my friends.

42. Would you think it's OK to cheat on someone if they've already cheated on you?
Why not.

43. Did you ever consider becoming a teacher?
Not really, if I did it would have to be teaching adults, I loathe children.

44. Would you ever give a hitch-hiker a ride somewhere?
Maybe, if he was cute.

45. Would you ever try fasting for a whole week?
No, the only people who do that are protesting conditions in prison or they're religious nuts.


KLo said...

Cute hitch-hikers, 72 virgins existing ... I want to live in your world ;-)

Best Niece EVER! said...

Favorite dessert?? Rice Crispies! I know you better than you know you!