Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things I Miss

Being able to play Phantasy Star Online. I literally spent hundreds of hours on this game on the Nintendo GameCube back in the day and I miss every minute of it!

My blue jacket I loaned to Matt and he subsequently loaned, and lost, to someone else. I loved that jacket! I did originally steal the jacket from Timmy but that's beside the point.

Soylent Red, what we called the ketchup and salsa sauce used on the Elvis burgers at the now defunct Sidecar bar. The Sidecar has since been replaced and remodeled as the Drunken Fry, an emo hangout of much douchebaggery...

Randy "Macho Man" Savage. Snapping into a Slim Jim will never be the same.

Leslie's Painted Desert Cafe. Awesome restaurant and watering hole on North Shartel that has been closed for a while now. So the food wasn't really that great but I loved going in there for the two for one beer draft beer specials. Iron Starr Urban Barbeque now resides in Leslie's location. Not bad. Not great.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, not only the best of all five Star Trek series, but one of the best television shows to air in the '90's.

Pontiac cars! I've owned three in my life, though the last one was a '92 Firebird. How can civilization get along without the mighty Trans AM muscle car?

Cheap jukeboxes. Remember the good 'ole days when you could get four songs for a dollar at your local watering hole? Today it can cost an arm and a leg if the mood strikes you for some music at a bar. Usually the selection is pretty shitty so you have to pay extra to download a song online and if that isn't bad enough you usually have to select the "play next" option for additional credits so you won't have to wait through other shitty music to get to yours!

Giant Chewy Sweet Tarts! I know, they can be found on occasion but damn if they aren't hard to find. There's only a couple of stores in the Oklahoma City area that carry the delicious candy. What's up with that?

My cell phone which sleeps with the fishes, presumably. I misplaced it last week at the bar and naturally no one turned it in. I blame my niece, she forced me to consume seven Chimay Bleues at The Melting Pot last week. Just another reason to hate that fondue monstrosity!

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