Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Devon Tower Progress

I love architecture, just ask anyone who has hung out with me in downtown Chicago. More times than not my head is facing upwards toward the colossal towers of all shapes and sizes from many different eras. Even in smaller cities, say Tulsa, I always want to take a walking tour downtown to admire the buildings. Growing up in a small town in western Oklahoma I never had the opportunity to watch a skyscraper climb up into the clouds, I think that's why I'm so mesmerized by the construction of the Devon World Headquarters Tower. It's been my only opportunity to see a construction of this magnitude first hand on a daily basis.

I took the photos below a week ago on a birthday trip with my parents to the Festival of the Arts in downtown Oklahoma City.

The Devon Tower is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2012 or 2013. At 50 stories and 850 feet, once complete the structure will be the tallest in Oklahoma, if it isn't already (currently the BOK Tower in Tulsa is the tallest). At a cost of 750 million dollars it has to be the single most costly building venture in Oklahoma in some time. Rumor has it that a restaurant will be situated at the top floor upon completion. I can't wait to see a view of Oklahoma City and the surrounding area from that vantage! I predict a lot of flat land.

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