Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Yay May

I can't believe it's already May, this year certainly seems to be flying by! Usually April showers bring May flowers but I think we've had more rain three days in to May than we did all of April. A good thing too, my yard was starting to look like a scene from a Mad Max movie. Here's what's on tap for May:

May 8th: Your mom's day. I remember when I was very young asking my Grandmother why there wasn't a kid's day. She responded by saying that everyday was kid's day!

May 11th: Kim's birthday. My bestie will be turing the ripe old age of 28. I hate that bitch...

May 28th - May 30th: 35th Annual Paseo Arts Festival! One of the best spring events in Oklahoma City! In fact the only piece of original art I've ever bought at an arts festival was at this one. Well, actually my mommy bought it for me but why haggle over semantics. The framed photograph has its place of honor on my fireplace mantle and has survived five moves throughout the Oklahoma City metro area, a feat that most of my possessions can't claim over the years.

May 30th: Memorial Day. A holiday for all you 9 to 5ers. I remember several Memorial Days accompanying my Grandmother to lay flowers on the graves of the long dead. Does anyone do this anymore? Is this a tradition lost to my generation?

I guess May must remind me of my Grandmother on my fathers side!

In site related news, for some reason last month saw the highest hit count ever in the almost six year history of this blog! I actually find this kind of sad since "Dave's World" has been limping along since the first of the year, unless all these readers are interested in memes and book impressions. In any event thanks to all the readers out there and the interest in my little corner of the web.

Finally I'm going to try to clean up the main page a little and add more blogs and links that I read daily and remove the ones that are dead or inactive.

Have a great May everyone! What is everyone else doing this glorious spring month?

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