Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's Pool Season!

How do I know this? Not from the 90+ degree weather or because it's June. I know this because:

  • Matt and Justin tell me it's so.
  • I have patches of sunburn in random parts of my body from where the sunscreen began to wear off though I applied the spray evenly every hour. My left shoulder, right ankle, the left side of my belly, and my scalp itch constantly.
  • I'm drinking cocktails or (gasp) beer from plastic cups.
  • Everyone makes fun of my Speedo. Like the homeboy suits my friends are wearing are stylish!
  • I'm drunk on Saturday afternoon. Oh wait... that's just a normal weekend!

Trying to even out my "farmer's tan."

Justin and his money pasties.

Felicia McBushy. Eww.


matt said...

time to lose some weight!!

Dave said...

I'm in the same boat, though I've lost a little. I'd be happy just to shed about ten more pounds.

Mr Happy said...

NOTE TO EDITOR: Please add some Speedo pics.

Dave said...

Maybe when I get a new pair, the ones I have now are a little worn in!