Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Trip to Dallas Part 1

Every time I drive into Dallas, Texas, I'm reminded of the opening music for the television show "Dallas."

Anyhow, Dann and I drove to Dallas on Saturday morning to meet Mel and the Captain with the main purpose of seeing Wicked that night. Since we arrived in the early afternoon we were afforded some time to check out some of the downtown areas of the city.

We headed to the West End Historic District to see Bodies the Exhibition. I had seen the exhibition before when it was in Oklahoma City and while I think it's definitely something that should be seen, I'm not so sure it's worth a ticket price of 22 dollars.

Some pictures of the buildings around the West End:

The Bank of America Plaza, the tallest building in Dallas at 921 feet and 72 stories.

Renaissance Tower, features cross bracing in the form of two large "X" patterns behind each facade.

Fountain Place, clad in green glass and sculpted into a prism.

Reunion Tower is a 560 foot tall observation tower.

Something I really enjoy about visiting other cities or even in my own is to learn about the local architecture both old and new. I wish I had more time in Dallas to check out other buildings downtown. For more information about the buildings in Dallas, click here.

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