Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nintendo 3DS

Anyone that knows me or has read this blog for any amount of time knows I'm a video game nerd. Mostly I play Nintendo systems and of those mostly the home consoles, that being the Wii currently. I do currently own a Nintendo DS and I've owned just about ever hand held system since the debut of the GameBoy. While I enjoy many of the core games on the hand held systems I never get too excited about their release. I'll buy one when I get around to it and mainly use it for travel. That all changed with this:

Because of this:

Animal Crossing for the Nintendo 3DS! I must have this game. Imagine how much time at work I could've wasted working on a new town instead of wasting time reading and browsing the Internet! There's basically no information about the game as yet other than a few screen shots. I doubt the 3DS will launch with the game but if it does another camp out at Best Buy may be in order.

Check out the specifications of Nintendo's new 3-D hand held system here. Including Animal Crossing there seems to be a lot of quality games in development for the system.

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