Thursday, June 03, 2010

Dallas Trip Part 3

After running around Dallas during much of the day Saturday, it was time to get ready for the night's entertainment, Wicked at Fair Park and clubs in the Oak Lawn area. We called a cab to shuttle us to the musical about an hour before curtain call. About thirty minutes from the start of the show there was still no cab! In a panic we decided to make the seven mile drive ourselves. It took 45 minutes to make the short drive, the traffic was absolutely insane. I kept expecting to run into construction or a traffic accident but none appeared. I got the impression that traffic downtown is always like this in Dallas. I'll never complain about driving cross-town again in Oklahoma City. To add insult to injury, Mel, who drove us around all day, suddenly didn't want to drive us in a stressful situation. I got to drive. Bitch.

Luckily so many people were late to the show that the theatre postponed the beginning time by about twenty minutes. We only ended up missing the opening song.

Defying Gravity, my favorite song from Wicked.

The touring production of Wicked was excellent. Technically it was a much better show than what I saw in Tulsa last year and each member of the cast was superb. I'd highly recommend seeing the show in Dallas if you have the chance, it will be playing until the end of this month.

After the show we drove back to the hotel to call a cab to go out for some drinks. Again, it took forever for the cab to arrive. Luckily while we were waiting we were entertained by an argument between a woman and a man over how their cars were parked in front of the hotel. Basically the woman was stuck behind the guy's car while his wife was checking in inside the hotel. The poor lady, her husband, and her kids only wanted to get by so they could park and go up to their room. The asshat, with Louisiana plates, refused to move his SUV. An argument ensued and the lady told the man that he "obviously wasn't from Texas" and the man told the lady while moving toward her, "bitch, get back in your car!" All of us waiting for the cab thought it might get ugly and that the possibility was there that we would have to step in to break up an altercation. Calmly the lady went inside the hotel and called the police. The response time by Dallas PD was amazing, they really should talk to the cab companies! By the time we got out in Oak Lawn it was around midnight.

Only having two hours to go our drinking really sucks. In the infamous words of Jaclyn, "we have to hit it hard!" So we did. The majority of the time that we went to the bar to buy beers we also ordered a round of shots. By the time we headed back to the hotel around 2:30 AM I was feeling pretty good. Some pictures from the bar hopping:

Mel, the Captain, and Dann showing the deuce at JR's.

I just love big cities! View from upstairs at Woody's.

Last bar of the night, The Mining Company. Starting to look a little rough...

3 AM Whataburger!!

The clubs were so much fun, mostly I think because of the great music. I grow weary of the same old scene here at home, especially the lack of good dance music. Where in Oklahoma City do you hear Wamdue Project? Maybe at the Park when Timmy is working, maybe...

Actually, the best part of the entire trip was just hanging out with some good friends. Dann and the girls are so much fun to be with, I bust a gut everytime we hang out no matter where we're chillin'! Best quotes from the trip:

"Did he give you the deuce?"

"There are walkers for days!"

"We have to hit it hard!"

"The last time I was in Texas, Al Gore was President."

"Release the Kraken!"
Apparently the slang the kids are using these days for dropping a deuce.

"Mecca." Mel referring to Texas Stadium.

This was my first trip back to Texas, excluding airports, since George W. Bush was elected President (I banned Texas after they gave us such a moron leader). I now look forward to going back to the land of steers and queers in the near future, hopefully for more than just a day!

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Dann said...

Dallas was a blast! We need to go again, soon!