Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nintendo Games From E3 2010

Obviously there were other games shown by Nintendo at their E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) press conference than a new Legend of Zelda game. Below is a list of some of the games I find more intriguing with some of my thoughts:

Metroid: Other M. The game has been pushed back to August, probably not to overlap with the recent release of Super Mario Galaxy 2. I'm still on the fence from what I've seen regarding the gameplay. Half 2-D and 3-D gameplay. It's Metroid so there's no question I'll purchase the game, I just have doubts that Team Ninja can outdo Retro Studio's last outing in the franchise.

Donkey Kong Country Returns. Speaking of Retro Studios, they've been handed the keys to the Donkey Kong franchise. The Donkey Kong Country series on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was fantastic. I look forward to playing another great game in the series by the great Texas developer!

Kirby's Epic Yarn. Who doesn't love Kirby? The little pink marshmallow guy who has the ability to morph into all kinds of things to complete his quest. Unfortunately I can't remember the last time there was a good Kirby game on a home system. Handheld systems have been the way for Kirby to shine over the years. I'm not sure about the design of the game, it reminds me a little of Yoshi's Story from the Nintendo 64, not a great game if I recall correctly.

Mario Sports Mix. I get it Nintendo, Mario is popular. He's been whored out on a lot of games this generation. That's fine, it's just that these kinds of games aren't really my cup of tea any longer. Perhaps if I had a group of friends to play with more often I would be more inclined to be excited about games of this type. As long as I have Wii Bowling for drunken after parties life is good!

Golden Eye 007. Now we're talking! Oh, it's made by Activision. We'll see. A remake of arguably one of the greatest games to ever hit any system. I'm down.

In conclusion, these are just some of the Nintendo games that caught my eye. There is a ton more to see at the official E3 page. I'm excited about what I've seen from Nintendo overall and I'm a little concerned. What's with the focus on 2-D games? While they can be fantastic, I want more epic 3-D experiences besides Mario and Zelda! I'd also like to see some new franchises or at least some that haven't been used in a while. Where's a new Pikmin game or a new Kid Icarus game?

Thoughts or opinions?

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