Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guest Post: Second Second Chances, or Seperated at Birth

As the celebration of my 5th year anniversary continues this month, in addition to repostings of classic posts, I've also enlisted the help of some friends who have had blogs over the years. I asked permission from Dann to repost one of my favorite postings from his blog. Unfortunately he rarely creates new posts anymore which is a shame as he had some very insightful and funny blog entries over the years. --Dave

Second Second Chances, or Seperated at Birth

Everyone has seen those segments on SNL or other comedy shows where the announcer displays two celebrities who at some awkward moment look a bit like one another. A “trekian” spin was applied to the concept in Episode 150 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Second Chances", written by Mike Medlock and directed by LeVar Burton.

“Having already gone down the 'evil twin' route (with Data and Lore) but still wishing to explore ideas of doubles and doubling, the writers of "Second Chances" involve Riker in a plot that would later be exploded into the Gwyneth Paltrow indie film Sliding Doors. Once upon a time, young Lieutenant Will Riker was the last crew member beamed off of a planet as its distortion field intensified. Eight years later he returns to the same planet as Commander Will Riker and learns that he both did and he didn't make it off the planet. The distortion field caused him to split into two, one of whom made it and one who didn't get away. Like bickering brothers, once the two Rikers meet, they don't get along. One thing that helped Lieutenant Riker get through his eight years as a castaway was thoughts of his main squeeze at the time, counselor Deanna Troi. When Lieutenant Riker finds out Commander Riker chose career over romance, he sees it as a chance to make things right. Then again, maybe it's just in his nature to choose career first. Jonathan Frakes hams it up in his dual role, while the true second chance belongs to Troi, who quickly falls back into a relationship with the Riker who didn't leave her on purpose. She's the true heart of the story, even though the twin Rikers get all the screen time.” --Andy Spletzer

When last we saw "Tom" Riker (Deep Space Nine episode 55: "The Defiant"), he was thrown into a Cardassian prison for the rest of his life - but that's apparently not the end of the story, as this recent Earth sighting shows:
Will Riker, c. 2368
Tom (Will?, Dave?, The Debil?) Riker, c. 2005
Time anomaly? Wormhole? Yet another transporter accident? The answer's sure to be revealed in a future movie or novel, but remember, you saw it here first!

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