Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top Chef: WTF?

Last night was the season finale of Top Chef: Las Vegas. I have to say it was probably one of the more disappointing episodes I've seen this year. The show was a little bland and the conclusion was very surprising.

The last elimination challenge consisted of a face off between the three finalist, Kevin, Michael, and Bryan. They were to each prepare a four course meal. The first serving was a dish that reminded them of home and the meals their mothers would prepare, the second was a predetermined dish with ingredients they all had to use, the third was any dish of their choice using whatever was available in the kitchen, and finally the last course was a dessert. Each finalist also drew knives to determine which previous chef contestant would help them with prep on the first day and cooking the second day.

Each chef finalist seemed to prepare their food well but nothing I saw really blew me away. I knew overall by what the judges were saying that Kevin was out of the running, he just had a bad day, too bad it was during the last challenge. Based on what else I heard throughout the show I thought for sure Bryan was going to run away with the top honor. I was shocked when Michael was proclaimed Top Chef. Maybe he truly did prepare the best dishes on the finale but it just didn't seem to be presented that way, to me, while watching the show last night. Interesting finish. I haven't read other opinions about the show yet, I wanted to write my recap first. I'm curious to see if everyone was as surprised as me about the outcome.

Other thoughts:

I thought the drawing of the knives to select a sous chef was a bit ridiculous. It would be one thing to draw a number and then get to pick a helper in order but it is quite different to draw the name of the person helping you. Did Preeti's prep work hurt Kevin's chances? He wasn't pleased about her work.

I gave Padme shit last week about her bangs. I take it back, her hair looked pretty good this week.

Bacon on ice cream? Yummy! Bacon goes with everything, it's the new pink.

I found it odd that all the gay people from the contest were involved in the finale. Ash, Ashley, and Preeti. Bravo conspiracy to pander to their favorite demographic? Probably not but it is quite a coincidence.

It was ironic that pork was the downfall of Kevin aka the Porkmeister! I felt bad for the guy having an off day when I thought he was the leader throughout the competition. Toby gave him high praise saying something to the effect that he would be a superstar in the culinary world. I think and hope so. Speaking of Toby, I though it was funny that he defended one of the dishes that had a bad element but had other impressive elements that in his eyes redeemed the dish. Problem with part of the dish? Don't eat that part.

I'm having a hard time coming up with anything else that stuck in my mind from last night's show. I usually only watch the episode once and then write a post about it the next morning. Nothing too memorable means it was a pretty dull finale. I would have preferred that the final challenge was a heads up competition between two chefs with free reign to cook whatever they wanted. Having said that, I did like the inclusion of the last course having to be a dessert. I figure if you want to be Top Chef you've got to be knowledgeable in all facets of cooking.

I guess that is all. If I remember anything else I want to write about I'll add it in the comments section of this post. I've had a blast writing about Top Chef this season and reading all the other bloggers who do the same. Next week is the reunion show. I'll post some impressions about that as well next Thursday. Please pack your knives and go...


TROLL Y2K said...

Agreed. Awful stupid episode. It wasn't just you concerning Michael's win. They edited it to make it seem Bryan was ahead.

Allison said...

I agree. The episode sucked.

I thought Bryan was ahead, but quickly realized they wouldn't make it that easy. It was definitely obvious that Kevin was out.

I HATED drawing knives between all of the old competitors. LAME.

You forgot to mention Padma's boobs. They also stood out in this episode. ;)

Dave said...

It's hard to keep up with Padme's boobs when Gail is around!