Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bama Slaps Gators

I met up with my friend Lindsay last night at Pearl's Oyster Bar. She was in town visiting from New York City and unfortunately she'll be on her way back later today. Lindsay and I used to work together at Pearl's Oyster Bar on the south side of Oklahoma City before I moved to the north store to manage. My favorite shift was Sunday brunch when I would bartend with Lindsay. Often times after the shift we would hang out, usually on the north side of town, to enjoy Sunday Funday. Lindsay is a really sweet girl and a lot of fun to hang out with, I miss her immensely. I just wanted to let her know, if she's reading, to have a safe trip back to NYC!

Our friend Scott also came out to Pearl's to eat and drink with us last night. Scott and I bartended together at Old Chicago on the south side, ironically in the same building as the old Pearl's Oyster Bar. He told us a story last night that I had to share here.

When I worked at Old Chicago, one of my coworkers, named Dustin, was a huge Florida Gator's fan. During football season it's all he ever spoke about, mostly talking smack. His smack paid off after the Gators beat the Sooners in last years National Championship Game. Anyways, I guess Scott is not only a Sooners fan but is also an Alabama fan. Scott said he bought an Alabama jersey to placate Dustin so he could root for 'Bama during the SEC Championship Game and prove that he wasn't a fair weather fan. Dustin was so confident in his Florida Gators winning the game that he made a "slap bet" with Scott. The bet was straight up, to win.

Slap Bet: A bet where no money or property is involved, and the prize for losing is getting to slap the loser across the face. Excellent for bets of extreme importance. A slap bet is often monitored by a slap bet commissioner, that regulates the rules of said bet.

Below is the results of the slap bet, recorded for all time! Dustin's Gators lost the game so he was the recipient of the slap. It couldn't have happened to a nicer Gator fan... Idiot.

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