Thursday, December 03, 2009

Top Chef: Napa Valley

I was too tired and little stressed out last night to pay full attention to the second to the last episode of Top Chef: Las Vegas so I won't be writing as lengthy of a recap this week. Here are some observations:

Bangs? Really Padme?

I think most of us would agree that the best chef contestants are the final four that were left in last night's episode.

The quickfire challenge was really creative, I thought. Make a dish with your main ingredient coming from grapes. It was a great way to let them know they were in Napa Valley, the land of grapes, food and wine. Michael ended up winning the last "high stakes" challenge and was awarded a third generation Prius! Sweet. I want one! Although at this point I'd be happy with a rusted out station wagon ala National Lampoon's Vacation.

On to the main event. All four chefs are given the task of creating a vegetarian dish and a meat dish using only local vegetable and proteins save for salt and pepper. They were to feed 150 people! Talk about tough. Everyone did a stand up job from what I could tell. Bryan won the elimination challenge and heads on to the finals.

Jennifer had the least popular dishes and was sent home unfortunately. She was sad about it, I was sad about it. You can really tell that the chefs have all grown close through their experience so it's a bit touching when one of them has to leave at this point in the show, especially since there isn't a traditional villain left. Well maybe Michael is kind of a villain but he seemed pretty laid back this week and not his usual cocky self.

I was a bit worried about Kevin leaving early just because I picked him to go far but luckily he's going to be in the final episode. I still hopes he pulls out the victory but at this point I truly think it's any one's contest to win, or lose.

I can't wait to see which previous contestants come back next week to help in the finals. Will Robin be there? Would you want her as your sous chef?

So my final prediction of the season:

1. Kevin - Top Chef Winner
2. Bryan - 1st Runner-up
3. Michael - 2nd Runner-up

Fan favorite: Robin! Just kidding, it'll be Kevin.


TROLL Y2K said...

Yeah, Kevin would DEFINATELY be fan favorite if it was bloggers voting. I didn't. I don't even have texting on my cave-man cell-phone!

Allison said...

I wasn't that into it last night either. And, it was super exciting. Best chefs left, they cooked great food and Jen (most likely to go) went.

Kevin is my favorite, but I have a feeling Bryan is going to edge him out. I'm hoping it's Kevin though!