Thursday, December 17, 2009

College Football Bowl Picks Week 1

I won't be blogging about the Top Chef: Las Vegas reunion show last night as I missed it and may or may not catch it on rerun. Instead, for the next few Thursdays I'll be making my college football bowl predictions. Feel free to join in and make your predictions as well.

December 19th: New Mexico Bowl: Fresno State vs. Wyoming
Pick: Fresno State
Comments: If I remember correctly Fresno State has a decent offense and they beat a talented Houston team this year. I'm just making these predictions on the fly so my memory may fail me, fair warning.

December 19th: St. Petersburg Bowl: Rutgers vs. UCF
Pick: Rutgers
Comments: Some of these picks are going to be tough since I know little about some of the teams in the smaller bowl games. I'm going with the east coast biased and picking Rutgers.

December 20th: New Orleans Bowl: Southern Mississippi vs. Middle Tennessee
Pick: Southern Mississippi
Comments: I know nothing about Middle Tennessee.

December 22nd: Macco Bowl: BYU vs. Oregon State
Pick: Oregon State
Comments: I nearly picked BYU based on their win against the hated and dreaded Swooners of Oklahoma earlier in the year, but I remembered the Swooners suck! Best game of the week, I think. Both teams are ranked at or near the same in the polls. I went with OSU since they play in a better conference.

December 23rd: Poinsettia Bowl: Utah vs. California
Pick: California
Comments: Another toss up. Once again I'm going with the PAC-10. What's wrong with me?

December 24th: Hawaii Bowl: SMU vs. Nevada
Pick: Nevada
Comments: Rooting against the Methodists! This is probably the best location for a bowl game.

Current record 0-0

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think.


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Dave said...

You can post a picture on your blog by signing in and editing your profile. There is an area where you can upload a picture from your computer or from the Internet.