Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boomer Sooner

Usually once or twice a season one of my Sooner friends will invite me along to an OU game in Norman. Inevitably at some point I'll complain about the band playing nothing but "Boomer Sooner," the fight song. They just roll their eyes and disparage me by saying I'm just an Aggie fan (by the way Oklahoma State hasn't been officially called Oklahoma A & M since 1957). Finally after some digging I found a blogger for The Phoenix New Times who gets exactly what I'm talking about. In an article listing the top 10 worst college fight songs, the author ranks the Oklahoma Sooners as second worst and goes on to say:

"On January 2, 2008, I had the misfortune of attending the Fiesta Bowl. Even though I was in a suite with free food and beer, what should have been an awesome evening was marred by this one horrible song. OU lost the game by 20 points, but as many times as we heard this song, you'd have thought they were winning by 50. Every score, every first down, every defensive stop, hell, every single break in the action seemed to inspire OU's band to fire this one up again. And again. And again. Not only do they play the shit out of it, but it's not even their song. They ripped it off from Yale. Finally, the lyrics are just fucking inane. 'Boomer sooner, boomer sooner, boomer sooner, boomer sooner.' Dear God, please make it stop."

To make this posting even better and timely the blogger goes on to anoint Florida State with the worst fight song in America:

"Aside from being vaguely racist, this is, quite simply, the most annoying college football marching band song of all time. It has no lyrics, consisting only of a stereotypical Native American war chant. FSU fans perform the 'tomahawk chop' motion with their arms while chanting, a tradition that was later co-opted by Atlanta Braves fans, much to the dismay of the sports-watching world. Other Indian-themed sports teams have mimicked it as well, but nobody does it as obnoxiously, or with such maddening frequency, as the FSU marching band. They might be the world's largest marching band, but they also have the world's shittiest fight song."

So tonight as everyone is watching the number one ranked Sooners take on the number five ranked Seminoles listen hard through those television sets to arguably a battle of the two worst college fight songs in the land.

"I'm a Sooner born and a Sooner bred. And when I die I'll be a Sooner dead.
Rah, Oklahoma! Rah, Oklahoma! Rah, Oklahoma! O-K-U!"




Brucifer said...

I like that guy. And please no more sooner born poems. That reminds me of some drunk
Girl yelling it in my face one night at a bar while I wore my burnt orange. Not only did she slur the highly unintelligent poem, but proceeded to mix up the words and somehow cover me in spittle at the same time, quite a feat if you ask me, as it would be for 85% of sooner fans.

Dave said...

Oh Bruce, no one believes anything a Texas fan says!