Monday, September 12, 2011

Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

I made a quick trip to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum this morning on a whim. Maybe it was because of all the coverage yesterday of the tenth anniversary of 9/11. It's a nice place to visit for somber reflection. I just thought I would share.

The Reflecting Pool that used to be fifth street.

The Field of Empty Chairs. The nine rows of chairs represent the nine stories of the building with each chair in position relative to what floor someone lost their life. The five westernmost chairs honor those who died outside the Murrah Building.

The Survivor Tree. An elm that survived the blast across the street from the Murrah Building.

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Rainbow said...

Thanks Dave for the beautiful pictures of the OKC memorial. Being from Oklahoma myself, I found myself thinking about OKC yesterday as well. I was at every anniversary for the first 5 years and at the dedication of the memorial and have been back several times since. Now living in Texas I do not get to visit as often as I would like. Thanks again sharing your visit this morning