Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 New Year Resolutions Revisited

So before I make my resolutions for the 2011 year I thought I would take a moment and reflect on what my resolutions were at this time last year and see if I actually accomplished any of them. Click here and here for resolution posts from last year.

Read more: I had the goal to read at least 50 books in 2010 and I topped that resolution with 53 completed books. A little more than one a week, not too shabby. I could probably be really prolific if I took time to read on the weekends.

Blog better: I'm not so sure that I've blogged better but I've definitely blogged more in 2010 than any other previous year. My site traffic has also increased nearly every month during the year with only a couple of exceptions. Whether or not I'm blogging better, I'm gaining more readers.

Work on the house: This would be a big fat negative. I did have all the windows replaced throughout my house earlier this week but obviously this wasn't work I did myself. I think I'll be able to accomplish this goal much easier this year. With the new windows in place I'm motivated to at least get the rooms textured and painted.

Cook more: Complete and utter failure. I think I can count on one hand how many times I've cooked at home over the last year, meaning using something other than a microwave or just pots and pans to heat something up.

Lose weight: I've done this, more or less. Historically my weight always goes up and down but I was getting pretty big at the beginning of last year. I've lost about ten pounds and I'd like to lose five to ten pounds more.

Not go to jail: I totally destroyed this resolution! I didn't go to jail one time last year! Go me. I never plan to visit Oklahoma County jail ever again.

Grow up: Hmm, I'm not sure about this resolution. On the positive I did pay off a major portion of my debt last year, including all of the fees involved with my DUI and I've managed to live on a weekly budget for the most part. On the other hand I still waste a serious amount of money going out and drinking and basically just acting the fool.

Cell phone: I haven't had to replace my cell phone in nearly a year and a half. This has to be some kind of record!

Drunk texting: My inability to not text people while out drinking is still a major problem and a source of much embarrassment for me. I have tried techniques of deleting people from my phone who I have a propensity to text more often than others but eventually they get terrorized by me sooner or later.

On the whole I don't think I failed too miserably with my goals for 2010. There are still some issues in my life that need addressed but I think I'm getting there, slow as it may be. I'll be posting my resolutions for 2011 in the next couple of days.

Have has everyone else done with their New Year resolutions or goals?

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