Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Whew, I think I'm finally recovered from the weekend. You know it's been a wild one when you're ready to go back to work for some much needed rest. I hung out with a bunch of friends and helped to celebrate Justin's birthday on Sunday. During the festivities we went ice skating in front of the Civic Center. I definitely need to stick with skiing...

After turning our skates back in and making plans on what to do next, Matt noticed a guy wrapped in a blanket going through one of the trash cans near a food vendor. As it turned out the guy was looking for something to eat. He finally accomplished his task by finding something inside a discarded pizza box. I was horrified to say the least. Matt being the generous person that he is bought the poor fellow some food from the truck and took it to him before we left.

Obviously, like any decent sized city, Oklahoma City has homeless people. I've just never seen anyone so hungry that he was going through trash to find something to eat! I haven't been able to get this image out of my head for the past three days. I highly doubt that eating discarded food from a trash can is a "lifestyle" choice for the guy we saw, often an argument that some people choose to live homeless.

I'm not sure why I'm telling this story. It may be the reason I haven't posted an entry here since the weekend. Me and my friends feasted on brunch and booze, went ice skating, and then saw this guy eating trash! How was your weekend? Fuck. I feel compelled to do something but I'm still working out what it should be. Any Christmas spirit I might have had, which would be little to begin with, is totally buried.

If I ever whine about the direction of my life, I would be well suited to remember a cold December day ice skating.


Anonymous said...

That Matt sounds like a really amazing guy!!

Dave said...

Uh huh and conceited too!

Anonymous said...

That's what makes you human. Getting a dose of real life-then making a decision about what to do with those feelings. Seems a major portion of the population has lost
compassion. Glad to know my friends have helping hands.