Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Don't Rock the Boat!

Word. My dad posted this picture on Facespace, I felt the need to share. Apparently I'm not the only liberal/progressive who is feeling a little upset with the compromise President Obama is trying to get Democrats to support in Congress in regards to extending the Bush tax cuts and extending unemployment benefits. I really do understand why the President is pushing for the compromises but quite frankly I still think it's a mistake politically. This is a man who railed against the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans as a Senator but now is willing to give in to them so easily. All this President ever wants to do is compromise, or so it seems. He comes across as having no backbone. Where is the line in the sand Mr. President? Do you have one?

If you read recent polling the general public is against extending the cuts to the wealthiest in this country at the expense of creating more deficits. I guess the President is afraid to pick the easy fight. This trickle down policy has never worked and I doubt it's going to do a lot to help lower income people now. Sigh.

Thoughts or opinions?

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