Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday Night Minutes

Someone (I think Kim) decided to start the minutes on Saturday night after midnight. It was too late as we had already been laughing our asses off from searching through some definitions at Urban Dictionary, but that's another post...

Here's what I found crumpled up in my shirt pocket Sunday morning:

12:20AM - Meg - "Rape the puppy every night now."
12:24AM - "He likes it when I sit on his face for 3 hours."
12:25AM - "The muffin man lives on Drury Lane."
12:31AM - "Excuse me! I'm sorry... my shoe is calling. Shoe phone."
12:37AM - "Who can get too deep?"
12:42AM - DB - "If I want that I can fuck a four year old."
12:51AM - DB - "Dude you smell like tuna!"
12:51AM - Meg - "Dude, I can't help it! She was nice."
12:54AM - DB - "The Moose Shuffle."
12:56AM - Kim (with quarters) - "Make it rain bitches!"
01:07AM - Cris (in response to Ryan's tongue) - "Wait! I can't let go of your hand yet!"
01:11AM - DB (raising a glass) - "To our last night on the south side!"
01:11AM - Meg - "Bite!!"
01:16AM - Kim - "I don't feel like I had nine."
01:16AM - Cris - "But you look like you had nine."
01:17AM - "Why is DB doing kegels????"
01:19AM - Kim - "I don't think I should, I haven't shaved it in a while."
01:22AM - "OMG, Meagan just spit up!"
01:22AM - "Dave told me not to dress like a skeeze."
01:29AM - Meg to David - "Boob smacked!"

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