Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As in that's how old I am today. I'm really quite surprised I've lived this long. Fortunately only the good die young...

In 1973...

Richard M. Nixon was President of the U.S.

Gas was $.39 a gallon!

A first class postage stamp cost $.08. And you had to lick them, ewww!

The average new house price was $35,500.

Milk was $.68 for a half gallon.

The number one movie of the year was "The Sting."

The top rated television show was "All in the Family."

The number one song of the year was "Tie a Yellow Ribbon." Really?


Dann said...

And you don't look a day over 35!

Brilliantly Blonde said...

Funny to think that I've known you for over 20 years!! Let's reminisce, shall we?
I remember -
1. Dave BEFORE he smoked! Yes, there was a time when he did not have nicotine fingertips.
2. Dave when he was an OU fan -that would be before he turned to the dark side.
3. Dave before he became a pretentious snob...but only vaguely.
4. Braces - and when he got them taken off
5. A time when he and Justin were NOT friends. As a matter of fact, they pretty much despised one another.
6. When he dumped me for my best friend. What a JERK!!
7. When he was a frat boy!! Oh yes...that was interesting. What fraternity was it?? Phi Kappa something or another?
8. That he LOVED Liz Claiborne perfume and got me some for Christmas.
9. When he was a library aide in our high school library. Where is your old BFF Mrs. Millard these days? You know, Mrs. Castor is the "media specialist" now.
10. Lots of other memorable things that he'd probably rather I didn't post about...although it is tempting!! Happy b-day, old man!! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your 18th!! :)

Dave said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane Amy! (I remember none of it...)